Beretta AR70/90 Rifle Kits

Original Italian Beretta AR70 / 90 select fire parts kit, with bi-pod and carry handle/quick sight, 5.56x45mm NATO.

Only $399.95


Beretta AR70/90 30rd Magazines

Beretta AR70/90 / M16 Magazine, 30rd, Steel, Parkeirized, 5.56x45mm.

Only $24.95

SKU: MAG-14199

Polish AK Bayonets

Original Polish made 6H4 Type II bayonet & scabbard for the AKM / AK47 / AK74, matching.

Only $39.95

SKU: BAYO-12289

CETME Model L Bayonets

Spanish military issue bayonet for the CETME L & LV rifle, with scabbard.

Only $49.00

SKU: BAYO-9036

Yugo AK Bayonets

Yugoslavian production type III bayonet made for the M64, M70 and M76 series AK rifles.

Only $29.95

SKU: BAYO-0862

Enfield #4 Spike Bayonets

Enfield #4 MK spike bayonet, blued steel, in *Very Good* condition.

Only $12.95

SKU: BAYO-11618

MP5 / MP2 UZI Magazine Pouches

German MP5 / MP2 UZI Magazine Pouch, black leather w/ belt loops, 9mm.

Only $25.00

SKU: SGD-CD-14192

PKM Ammo Pouches

PKM ammo pouch, OD green with lining, Hungarian,

Only $39.95

SKU: SGD-SS-12729

STEN Mk5 SMG Parts Sets

Pakistani (POF) made STEN Mk 5 SMG parts set with wood stock and pistol grip, 9X19 / 9mm Luger.

Only $197.49


Egyptian Hakim Rifle Barrels

Egyptian Hakim Rifle Barrel, 25" long, NO parts fitted, blued, 7.92x57,
*New Old Stock*

Only $199.00

SKU: EGY-SS-14066

Hungarian AK-47 30rd Magazines

Original Hungarian AK-47 magazine, 30rd, 7.62x39mm, steel.

Only $24.95

SKU: MAG-3847

Romanian AK-47 30rd Magazines

AK-47 30rd steel magazine, Romanian military issue, 7.62X39mm.

Only $19.99

SKU: MAG-12250

Israeli Galil ARM Parts Kits

Israeli Issue Galil ARM rifle parts kit with Wood Handguard, NO bipod, .223 / 5.56X45mm NATO.

Only $374.95


Isaeli Galil ARM Parts Kits

Israeli Issue Galil ARM rifle parts kit with Polymer Handguard, NO bipod, .223 / 5.56X45mm NATO.

Only $349.95


AK-47 Barrels for Milled Receivers

US made barrel for MILLED AK-47 rifles, 16", 7.62x39mm, 922(r) compliant part.

Only $89.95

SKU: BBL-10981

Galil ARM 18" Barrels

US made Galil AR / ARM rifle barrel, 18" length, threaded muzzle, 5.56X45mm NATO

Only $119.00

SKU: BBL-10310

Browning ANM2 Barrels

Browning AN-M2 Barrel, 23.75", .308 / 7.62X51 NATO, Aircraft profile.

Only $219.95

SKU: ANM2-CD-9065

UC9 UZI 16" 9mm Barrels

*NEW* UC9 barrel for semi-auto UZI rifles, 16", 9x19mm Parabellum, US made 922(r)

Only $119.00

SKU: 922BBL-4148

H&K MP5 Extractor Springs

Extractor Spring for H&K MP5 and all variants in 9MM.

Only $6.99


AK Spring Set

US made spring set for the AK-47, *NEW*

Only $19.95


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