Polish AKMS Armorer's Kits

Original Polish AKMS armorers kit in wood box, 7.62x39mm.

Only $399.95

SKU: POL-1936

H&K G3 Trigger Assembly

Original H&K G3 Trigger Assembly, Select Fire, black grip, Used.

Only $75.00

SKU: HNK-7823

G3 / HK91 Stock Set

Original G3 stock assembly with handguard, buttstock, and grip, Green with black grip.

Only $43.75

SKU: HNK-8435

Polish RPD Cut Receiver

Original Polish RPD demilled machine gun torch cut receiver, 7.62x39 *AS-IS*

Only $35.00

SKU: RCVR-1318

Galil ARM Parts Kits

Israeli Issue Galil ARM rifle parts kit, NOT fitted for carry handle, .223 / 5.56X45mm.

Was $329.00
On Sale $289.00

SKU: IMIKT-12900

Polish KbK-N AK47 Kits

Rare 1958 Polish KbK AKN AK-47 Parts Kit, milled receiver, side rail, 7.62x39mm.

Was $674.95
Only $624.95

SKU: POL-8906

Colt M16A1 Rifle Kits

Colt manufactured M16A1 select fire parts kit, 5.56x45mm NATO / .223

Only $479.00


Glock 22 G4 Parts Kits

Gen 4 Glock 22 Pistol Parts Set, ex-law Enforcement issue .40 S&W, Matching.

Only $329.95

SKU: GLKKT-10225

Limited Numbers
Galil ARM Bipods

Galil Bipod, Small Feet, With Pin and C-Clip, *Very Good*

Only $69.95

SKU: GLL-13736

Israeli K98 Mauser Stocks

Israeli K98 Mauser Stock Assembly, 38" long, with Hand Guard.

Only $189.00

SKU: FUR-SS-13546

Yugo ZB30 Parts Kits

Yugo ZB vz.30J (M37) Parts Set, Non-Matching, With Demilled Receiver and cut barrel, 7.9mm

Only $944.00

SKU: YUGKT-11140

KM AR-15 16" Upper Receiver Assembly

KM Tactical AR-15 upper with bolt & carrier M-LOK rail system, 5.56 NATO

Only $330.00

SKU: KMT-11028

US Made AKM Barrels

US Made Barrel for the AKM rifle, In The White, threaded muzzle, 16.25" length, 7.62x39mm.

Only $69.00

SKU: 922BBL-8485

US Made M53/MG42 Barrels

M53 / MG42 barrel, phosphated and chrome lined, 8mm Mauser (8x57mm), *NEW*, US made.

Only $253.00

SKU: 922BBL-4142

US 1919A5 Parts Kits

Original USGI Browning 1919A5 Tank Machine Gun parts kit, bad trunnion .30-06

Only $1,399.95

SKU: 1919KT-13761

Russian Izhevsk AKM Kits

Russian AKM parts kit with Wood buttstock & handguards, No trunnion, 7.62X39mm.

Only $599.95


Yugo M1924 Mauser Bayonets

M1924 Blued Bayonet and Scabbard for Yugoslavian Mauser pattern rifles, BT3 Factory marked.

Only $79.88

SKU: BAYO-7853

Yugo Type 3 AK-47 Bayonets

Yugoslavian original production type III bayonet made for the M64, M70 and M76 series AK rifles.

Only $29.95

SKU: BAYO-0862

Madsen M-50 SMG 32rd Magazines

Original Madsen M50 SMG Magazine, 32rd, 9mm, in *Very Good*

Only $59.95

SKU: MAG-13771

AK-47 75rd Drum Magazines

Romanian production Chinese type 75rd back loading drum magazines for the AK-47, 7.62X39, *New in Box*

Only $109.87

SKU: MAG-7431

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