German MG08 / 15 (Maxim) Partial Parts Kits

German MG08 / 15 (Maxim) Machine Gun partial Parts Kit, With Barrel, no lock, 7.92X57mm.

Only $2,295.00


Soviet Maxim Machine Gun
Parts Kits

Original Soviet Maxim machine Gun Parts Kit, with barrel, 7.62X54r

Only $3,295.00


Chinese Maxim M1910 Barrel Jacket

Chinese Maxim M1910 barrel jacket with trunnion, Stripped, in Rusty condition, *As Is*

Only $329.00

SKU: CHN-OW-11592

Finnish Maxim M1910 Ammo Cans with Belt

Finnish Maxim M1910 ammo can, with linked belt, later type can, green painted 7.62X54r

Only $39.95

SKU: GEAR-SS-12670

Hungarian AK63D
Parts Kits

Original Hungarian AK63D AMMS Underfolder parts kit, 7.62X39mm.

Only $389.95

SKU: HGYKT-10264

Romanian PM-65 AKM
Parts Kits

Original Romanian PM 65 stamped AKM parts set with underfolder stock, 7.62x39mm

Only $429.95

SKU: ROMKT-10817

Romanian AKM Stock Sets

Romanian AKM stock set, wood, in *Fair* condition, Sold *As Is* with no returns

Only $89.00

SKU: FUR-5964

Yugoslavian M76 Parts Sets

Original Yugoslavian M76 parts set, With Matching Numbers, 8X57MM Mauser.

Only $650.00


Yugoslavian M76 10rd Magazines

Yugoslavian madeM76 10rd magazine, 8mm, used.

Only $35.00

SKU: MAG-0783

Browning 1919A4 Belt Links
Pack of 200

Israeli issue 1919A4 Browning metallic disintegrating belt pack, Set of 200 links, .308 / 7.62X51 NATO.

Only $24.00

SKU: 1919-8024

Browning 1919A4 Belt Links
Pack of 2000

Israeli issue 1919A4 Browning metallic disintegrating belt pack, Set of 2000 links, .308 / 7.62X51 NATO

Only $234.00

SKU: 1919-CD-10407

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